VIVID 2020: Legend Mystic

The Wholeness of Being, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
36 in x 48 in

I am causing an evolution-revolution of women claiming their power.

At Samhain I embarked upon a journey of self-discovery under the loving guidance of Artist Shiloh Sophia, supported by the wonderful women of Musea, travelling alongside hundreds of other women worldwide.

I walked through a portal of great power and alchemy—a holy Rite of Passage—one which brought me face-to-face with the Truth of inhabiting my Full Self. 

For over 100 hours I sat with this canvas, dreamed with this canvas, painted with this canvas, and listened to this canvas.

She speaks:

Gracious and full of grace
Luminous and fair of face
Knowing Mystic eyes

As Above, so Below
and through the heart, all must flow

I rise, I sing
with joy I bring
the Evolution-Revolution
of Womenkind

Cosmic creation
Walking on Earth
Integrating as I grow
as I glow with purpose

Crossing land
under conjunction and smoke
silence and peace
allow Winter to stoke

Darting Between the Worlds
both Here and There
receiving and transmitting holy messages
uplifted eyes in attentive stare

Cauldron bubble
Ideas arise
both slow and wise

Earth and Air are mine
plus Fiery spirit and Watery brine
Flames and tides
Sparks and waves
vibrating in an infinite cascade

Approaching the sacred vessel
an Offering is made
with heart at center
my greatest hopes pervade

For I…
am the Wholeness of Being

Blessed be!

Shared with Love,
Lady Jesamyn

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