Enveloped by Love

Enveloped by Love
Acrylic on canvas
30 in x 40 in

Arms raised
Eyes closed
Protected by owl medicine
And inner wisdom
Her face reflects galaxies

She basks in the light of these venerable celestial bodies
With the Full Moon standing as sentry and beacon
She reads the ancient glyphs by starlight
Rays sent out ahead billions of years ago
Lifetimes ago…

Heart open in holy offering to the Unseen Ones
She navigates by scent and stars
By jasmine and brilliance
Surrounded by the Elements of Life:

Wind breezes
Fire flames
Water ripples
Crystals grow
And so does she
Ever so slowly
Ever so surely

She holds the wisdom—the knowledge
That Transformation is always happening
Old patterns are always loosening, releasing
Cleansing, clearing
Should we but look with timeless eyes

Others of a like mind
Gather with her
Draped in holy robes, all
In silent ebb and flow
In silent, sacred witness
Undulating towards
And back

Here are gathered
All who have heard the call
The call to awaken into connection
Into the understanding that we are never alone…
*Even if no one else is there*

Hearts healing together
Walking the Path together
Daughters of the Earth
Daughters of the Stars
The Red Thread connects us throughout all space and time

The gatekeeper stands in the Liminal
Bearing the Sacred Flame that beckons new ones to join
Illuminating the way as
She stands in welcome at the Threshold:

“Enter here in perfect love and perfect trust
For you already belong
You are already loved
You are already connected
We have been waiting for you
For lifetimes”

No matter where we go
Or how far we travel
The Red Thread always calls us home:
To one another
To our Selves

Enveloped by Love

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