Lunar Rites Alchemical Network: July 2022!

Dear Ones,

Is the Keeper of the Cauldron calling to you? Can you hear the song of She Who Transforms traveling upon the summer breeze? The Holy Mother of Life and Death is beckoning to you at this bountiful time of year.

You are invited into magickal circle with us, your sacred kindred from around the world. At your own altar–in your own space and in your own time–add your energies and intentions to ours in our Astral Temple.

Beloveds, join us as we transmute old patterns into holy compost to nurture us and renew our lives.

Are you ready to shed the old skin that no longer serves you?
Are you ready to step further into your life purpose,
fully becoming who you desire to be?

This Distance Ritual honoring Cerridwen the Crafty One is designed to support you as you Journey to commune with a Spirit Animal Ally and, from the wisdom gained, release that tight, old skin that is preventing you from reaching your fullness.

To support our Temple, an income-based sliding scale Tribute/Contribution of $33-$25 is requested.

Please use this link to register. In the “Add a note” field, please let us know the specific Distance Ritual you are requesting and your email address.

Once your Tribute is received, Lady Jesamyn will connect with you via email and share a pdf ritual script for your solitary or family practice.

You are always encouraged to perform our Distance Rituals at a time that best serves your life. As our magick is grounded in multidimensionality, we believe that All Time is One Time.  

Tune into the Moon! Since 2010, our Lunar Rites Alchemical Network has been providing monthly Distance Rituals for personal transformation and growth alongside the cycles of the Moon.

This July Distance Ritual will be available until July 31st.

Our Lammas Season ritual honoring the Vilas will be released on August 1st. Please check back here then for details.

You can learn more about Lady Jesamyn Angelica and Sisterhood of the Moon here.

Thank you so much for your support, Dear Ones. It has been my joy to circle in the Ethers will all of you!

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