Lunar Rites Alchemical Network: December 2022!

Ruler of the Stars
Daughter of the Moon,
She is the Mother of the Sun,
and Keeper of the Earth.
In the beginning, Astarte was the whole.


December Blessings, Beloved Alchemists,

It is my prayer that you are finding ways to center self-care, stillness, and a willingness to embrace transformation as the fullness of Winter descends. 

During this month, I invite you to receive the blessings of the Holy Darkness. Held lovingly within the shelter of our Astral Temple, let us experience the healing power of the Dark, the place of dreaming, incubation, and rest. 

Without the Dark there is no Light. In the spirit of recognizing the equal sacredness of both of Light and Dark, we will weave a four-month spell, blessing candles with our intentions to carry us throughout the Dark Season of the Wheel, and beyond. 

Join your community in sacred circle—a space beyond space and a time beyond time—and combine your love and energy with that of your sacred kindred from around the world. At your own altar—and at a time that works for *your* life—add your magickal intentions to ours in our Astral Temple.

This Distance Ritual reminds us that one single lit candle can bring with it so much light, so much comfort, so much illumination, and so much hope.

To support the health and longevity of our Temple, an income-based sliding scale Tribute/Contribution of $33-$25 is requested.

Please use the “register” button on this page. In the optional “Write a note” field, please let us know the specific Distance Ritual you are requesting and your email address.

Once your Tribute is received, I will connect with you via email and share a pdf ritual script for your solitary or family practice.

This December Distance Ritual will be available to you until December 31st.

Our January ritual centering Nut will be released on January 1st. Please check back here then for details.

You can learn more about Lady Jesamyn Angelica and Sisterhood of the Moon here.

Thank you so much for your support, Dear Ones. It is one of my greatest delights to circle in the Ethers with you!

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