Lunar Rites Alchemical Network: April 2023!

The Invisible Labyrinth is my palace, I stand at the door and the center
With knife and thread, with crown and veil
Come to me, children of Earth and Starry Heaven
I will teach you of the weave and the dance of winding ways
I will teach you that to die is to marry immortality

~Excerpted from “Ariadne Speaks” by Lon Sarver

Dear and Beloved Alchemists,

Here is the lovely month of April, when we fully emerge out into the increasing Light. The Moon reflects and amplifies the waxing powers that are running like sap through our lives.

From my heart, I invite you to join me within our Lunar Astral Temple for The Holy Rite of the Lady of the Labyrinth, an honoring of and communion with the Great Goddess Ariadne, Queen of the Bees and Daughter of Life itself.

I invite you to begin swirling with these energies through this inquiry: What healing, blessings, and/or support do I need from Ariadne right now in order to manifest all that I want in my life, to be all that I was born to be?

Please join me around the astral altar of the Lady of the Stars in your own home, or at a labyrinth local to you, as we enter the holy place which is present throughout all space and time and within all dimensions.

In our own perfect timing let us meet where sacramental honey and sacred serpents offer unfold a path before us into sweet transformation and growth.

To support the health and longevity of our Temple and our community’s Priestesses, please make an income-based sliding scale Tribute/Contribution of $33-$25.

Please use the “register” button on this page. In the optional “Write a note” field, please let us know the specific Distance Ritual you are requesting and be sure to include your email address.

Once your Tribute is received, I will connect with you via email and share a pdf ritual script for your solitary or family practice.

This April Distance Ritual is available to you until April 30th.

Our May ritual for Beltane Season will be released on May 1st. Please check back here then for details.

You can learn more about me and our Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition of Witchcraft here.

Thank you so much for your continuing love and support, Dear Ones. It is one of my greatest delights to circle in the Ethers with you!

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