She Who Emerges from Slumber

She Who Emerges from Slumber, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
20 in x 40 in

I am healing and transforming.

Last May, I set up my “studio” in our Covid-quiet Goddess Temple and picked up a paintbrush for the first time since high school. I saged myself and this sacred space, lit some incense and a candle for the Muse, and leapt into the deep end with Artist Shiloh Sophia on a painting journey called “Hydra’s Flare”.

Facilitating deep self-discovery–and, in many ways, quieting the babble so that I could truly hear my own voice for the first time–Intentional Creativity® is the practice that has held me in a container of joy and thriving during this time of solitude and social distance.

Although this piece was completed some time ago, She makes Her debut in this Holy Moment of Now.

She speaks:

Once sleeping in the deep waters,
She rises
Holy Queen of Sea and Stars
arms outstretched in welcome

Can you hear Her voice? She is calling you. She is calling you home.

Claim your power and set that crown upon your head, Beloved, for you are needed.
You are needed now.

Your realm holds its breath, awaiting your royal presence.
Ascend your Throne now.

Allow your Whole Self to be present in the Here and Now,
supported with courage and strength

Rise up! You are held and protected.
Rise up! Your wisdom is essential.
Rise up! You matter. You are Whole and Holy, exactly as you are.

Blessed be!

Dear Ones, you can learn more about Intentional Creativity®–a global community and movement of Artists dedicated to centering and uplifting women in the arts–and Musea here. The support of this circle has been the most welcome healing balm for my heart over this past year.

Shared with Love,
Lady Jesamyn

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