Priestess Voyage 2022


I am delighted and blessed to share with you the recording of last night’s live Q & A session about our upcoming Priestess Voyage, a group training setting sail in March of 2022.

I woke up this morning feeling deeply connected to all of you, and filled with joy to have had this sacred space in which to share more about what it means to be a Sisterhood of the Moon Priestess, and a bit of what being a Priestess means to *me*. 

Thank you to all who joined us live last night, and all who will be viewing our recording.  We truly are connected throughout all space and time!

My gratitude to all of you for your curiosity and your support…and my especial and enduring gratitude to Priestess Sabrina Moon for sharing *her* experiences as a Priestess, both within our Tradition and within the modern world.

The one thing I didn’t think to share and I wish I had is this:  Stepping fully into the Priestess Self takes *time*. 

Time is a necessary and absolutely essential element within this ever-evolving Path, and the passage of time is not esteemed or honored by capitalist patriarchal/kyriarchal structures.  Everyone wants what they want, and they want it *now*.

In order to gather and integrate the skills necessary to be a successful community Priestess, time is needed—time to unravel past experiences and time to empty our vessels of that which doesn’t serve; time for spaciousness, dreaming, creativity, and rest; and time for both learning and embodiment. 

Priestessing is not a *now, now, now* experience, and the learning never stops.  Each step on this Path is presented in its appropriate time and place.  Each piece is revealed when the seeker is prepared.  Each bit of wisdom arises when it is meant to.  And these things are presenced not necessarily by me as mentor or teacher, but by That Which is Greater.

And none of this growth or yielding can be hurried.  In fact, to attempt to rush this process will only serve to slow it.  The river cannot be pushed, it can only flow where and when it is gently held.  True, abiding wisdom is arrived at patiently, with much simmering, seasoning, and practice; with much persistence; with much standing up after falling down, brushing off the dust and gravel, and beginning again.

In my ideal world, all who train with me have already cultivated the patience, discipline, and fortitude to allow things to unfold in harmonious ways instead of insisting upon forcing the rose to bloom before its proper time. 

In my ideal world, every step upon the Priestess Path is treasured as something special, unique, and deserving of honor…because every baby step, every stride, every leap *is* deserving of this.  *Our lives*—each and every moment of them—are deserving of our exquisite awareness, recognition, and reverence. 

Like an abundance of other things in this lifetime, this Path is about the *journey itself* and not so much about the destination…as there are no shortcuts and there is no final destination.  When a woman continues to choose to walk the Priestess Path, there is no ending as it is never over.

And so I invite you, Dear Ones, to slow down and to savor this heart-offering as we get very, very real about what it means to be modern Priestesses and what it means to be a Sisterhood of the Moon Priestess:

Shared with my Love & Respect,
Lady Jesamyn

P.S.—You can read the FAQ for this Voyage here:

P.P.S.—You can find our Mystery School, the pre-requisite for all of our Tradition’s higher level training, here:

P.P.P.S.—One-on-one Priest/ess/x mentorships independent of our Tradition are also available:

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